The List of Products We Offer

At R.L. Pritchard & Co., Inc., we carry a variety of jute products & can customize to your specifications.


Jute Felt

Jute Felt is comprised of matted, compressed jute fibers. It is 100% biodegradable and degrades to form humus, without leaving harmful residue traces. Jute Felt is being increasingly used as an industrial product, for insulation and acoustic. The product insulates the soil against extreme temperatures and hence helps in the survival of plants. The Jute Felt absorbs moisture, up to 5 times its own weight and therefore provides water to plants during dry periods.

Jute Felt also plays an important role in every aspect of landscape design. Felt can be used to block weeds and sunlight, while allowing water and fertilizers to pass through. When laying mulch, Jute Felt can hold it in place, even on steep slopes.

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Jute felt is useful in promotion of vegetation in a difficult environment. Jute Felts are excellent insulators and protect trees from extreme weather. These soak moisture and release it to the tree in drier times. Jute Felt is used in tree nursery field. It is useful for mulching and weed management.

Non-Woven Jute Felts are also used in construction of roads & laying of railway tracks to strengthen the subsoil, keeping it from moving or slipping away. On sites such as riverbanks & slopes. Jute based products are also extensively used for protection & stabilization.

Usage – Horticulture, weed controlling, plant frost cover, tree trunk wrap, animal cover, inner insulation. seat/sofa liner, shoe liner, floor insulator, and decorations.

The life of both qualities differ. Caddies felt has a short life, and Raw Fiber felt has a longer life.

We can provide Jute Caddies felt in qualities from 500 gram to 1000 gram – up to 1.83 meter width

We can provide Raw Fiber felt in qualities from 250 gram to 1000 Gram – Up to 2.1 meter width

Jute Hard Board

Jute Hard Board 4000 gram, 4.7 mm thickness

This product is a smooth, hard board made of dense, compressed natural jute plant fibers.

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Jute Fabrics

The biotechnical solution

We have a variety of jute fabrics available in different densities and designs.

Please call for more information.

R.L. Pritchard & Company
Jute Hessian Cloth

Warp and Weft: 40 x 36 per 10 Centimeters

Width: 40 inches

Fabric Weight: 245 Grams per Meter

Please call for more information.

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Jute Hessian Cloth - Square Garden Nursery Sheets

Square Garden Nursery Hessian Sheets, Garden Cloth, Landscape Fabric, 100% Natural Jute

80 inch squares

Available as: 2 sides Selvedge and 2 sides Raw or 2 sides Tuck-in-Selvedge, 2 sides single turn Hemming

Warp and Weft: 40 x 36 per 10 CM

Fabric weight: 245 Grams per Meter

R.L. Pritchard & Company
Jute Reusable Shopping Bags


Description: Made to your specifications in a variety of sizes, fabric weights, and designs.

Composition: Natural jute fiber fabric.

Eco friendly and biodegradable.

Flat webbing handle.

Machine washable, cool water, gentle cycle.

Jute shopping bags help us preserve our landfills and keep plastic shopping bags out of the oceans.

Bags are packed 50 per carton and 300 cartons fit in a 20' container (600 cartons in a 40' ocean container)

R.L. Pritchard & Company
R.L. Pritchard & Company

Decorated Shopping or Beach Bag

Interior pocket, a small zippered purse, and zippered lock closure. Flat folded size approximately 20” x 14.5”.

Jute Sacking New Standard MOT Binola Bag

Bag size: 44” x 26.5”

Porter and Shot: 6 x 7

Bag weight: 2.0 lbs = 907 grams

Also available as Binola cloth

Porter and Shot: 6 x 7

Maximum width: 29.7 inches

For Coffee/Tea/Food Grains/Sand bags manufacturers of the different packaging companies of the USA.

Please call for more information.

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D.W. Sacking bags (VOT Jute Bags)

Size : 40"x 29"

Weight of the bag : 740 grams

Heracles sewn or overhead dry sewn ( as per customer's choice), hemmed at mouth, VOT (Food Grade) this bag is made by L-Twill cloth of Porter & Shot 8x8 without any stripe

500 bags per bale

16 bales per 20' container

13,697 lbs or 6,212 kgs
Please call for more information.

Jute Sacking Rope

Quality : Jute Sacking Rope

Diameter : 6 MM or 8 MM

Number of Strands : 3

Twisted, Natural

Packing process : 732 meters per Roll or larger 4,800 feet per roll packed in Poly wrap and in Jute bag

R.L. Pritchard & Company
Jute Soil Saver

The biotechnical solution

Jute SOIL SAVER creates the vegetative, micro climate your distributers’ customers are asking for. Used for over 30 years, soil saver is well known, 100% organic and 100% biodegradable at decomposition rates controllable by weights ranging from 250 grams to 1000 grams! Highly absorbent and toxin free, jute retains 5 times its weight in water, out-performing synthetic netting and its’ reputation for trapping wildlife, twisting in mower blades and leaving inert pollution for future generations.

Requiring very little handling, soil saver is sold “as is”, accordion folded, or rolled in 4 foot, and hand knotted 8 foot widths.


  • Erosion Control


Solutions to a Multitude of Erosion Control Problems

  • Used to solve erosion control problems for over 30 years
  • Approved by most state DOT
  • Easy installation
  • Anchored with staples
  • Totally biodegradable
  • Absorbent - up to five times its own weight in water
  • Drapes extremely well to ground surfaces holding soil and seed in place
  • Takes hydro seeding before and after installation
  • Allows over seeding after installation
  • Allows over seeding after vegetation is established
  • Aids in preventing undercutting
  • Used with any grass or ground cover
  • Eliminates synthetics
  • Non toxic
  • Acts as a soil nutrient - puts back over two tons of rich organic matter per acre relative to weight
  • Ideal for bio-engineering applications
  • Natural fiber, un-dyed and unbleached
  • Earth tone color blends with environment
  • Suitable for all climates, soil, and most terrain
  • Has been successfully used on slopes up to 1:1

Sales and Handling

  • Price advantage over stitching netting and filler to make blankets
  • Sold “as-is” single layer netting
  • Minimal handling
  • Stores “stacks” easily and is flexible
  • Loads easily
  • Zero toxicity, zero warehouse off-gassing
  • Width options: 4’ or 8’ widths
  • Gram weights from 250 to 1,000 grams
  • Purchase in 20’, 40’ & mixed containers
Jute Twill Bags

JUTE TWILL BAG - Weight of each of this bag is 1020 grams or 2.25 lbs of size 44"(length) x 26.5" (width)

JUTE B-TWILL CLOTH of Porter & Shots - 6x8, maximum width of this cloth is 29.7 inches

VOT Vegetable Oil Treated food grade bag

JUTE L-TWILL BAG - Weight of each of this bag is 1134 grams or 2.50 lbs of size 44" (length) x 26.5" (width)

JUTE L-TWILL CLOTH of Porter & Shots - 8x8, maximum width of this cloth is 29.7 inches

Jute Yarn Precision Wound

RL Pritchard imports yarn from our exclusive mill in Bangladesh.

  • Our jute yarn is 100% high grade Tossa, maximum twist and spliced with no knots.
  • Each spool is individually poly wrapped.
  • Spools are palletized on double stacking pallets.
  • Yarn is available in 14 lb to 250 lb weights, precision wound and packaged to your specifications
  • We provide custom labels and color codes to meet your requirements.
  • We guarantee consistent fine quality and assure delivery.
  • This yarn is utilized primarily in the electrical cable, mining and elevator industries.
R.L. Pritchard & Company
Jute Erosion Control Netting
  • Jute Leno Weave - also known as Jute Erosion Netting, Bio Net Mesh, Hessian Scrim Cloth Fabric
  • Jute Plain Cross Weave -  also known as Hessian Scrim Cloth

RL Pritchard has two dedicated jute mills in India, which are our exclusive suppliers of 100% jute leno weave netting and cross-weave netting. We offer prompt delivery.



Jute Leno Weave  and Cross-Weave

Meeting any specification, we offer a variety of gram weights and weaves to produce widths up to 200 inches.

  • The netting is rolled onto a core diameter of your choosing.
  • Each roll is carefully packaged and labeled.
  • We offer jute netting in 20 or 40 foot containers directly from overseas to your door.
  • We also maintain stock in the USA for smaller quantities.

Please call for current pricing.

Jute Mat

Available in:

  • 1100 gram
  • 1000 gram
  • 900 gram

Home furnishing quality finished product

72 inch width rolls

Jute mat 1100 1000 900 gm
Jute Wattle Tubing

The tight weave of our Jute wattle tubes contain the small pieces of packing material that would fall through wattle netting. It doesn’t take long to realize savings by utilizing your waste. Fabric weights 5 oz and up enable  you to accurately estimate wattle life. Loading wattle machines couldn’t be easier.



  • Erosion Control


  • Allow you to retain your stuffing material with jute fabric versus coir netting.
  • Nontoxic, Nonpolluting, Biodegradable, Wildlife Safe.
  • Weights range from 5 oz. and heavier, depending on your required life expectancy.

Sales and Handling

  • A variety of weights are available for any application and decomposition rate
  • Mixed container orders make ordering smaller amounts a reality, allowing you better control over your inventory
  • Our assured 8 week timeline supports your inventory projections

Jute Around the Globe

  • Protection of slopes in road and railway embankment
  • Bridge approaches
  • Terraces in hilly terrains
  • Stabilization of sand dunes
  • Promotion of quick vegetation in areas denuded by natural disasters and normal erosion
  • Stabilization of waste-dumps
  • Golf course construction and maintenance
  • Embankments and slopes
  • Civic beautification
  • Landfills
  • Highway construction
  • Landscape improvement
  • Sod stabilization
  • Lakes and stream banks
  • Mining reclamation
  • Nurseries
  • Military bases
  • Industrial and commercial development
  • Farm and agricultural
  • Ski slopes
  • Beach and sand dune stabilization
  • Pipeline construction
  • Wetland reclamation
  • Drainage ditches