The List of Products We Offer

At R.L. Pritchard & Co., Inc., we carry a variety of jute products & can customize to your specifications.


CRT or Constant Rate of Traverse Jute yarn is yarn of higher quality and strength. They are spun on machines running at very high speed. Composition is 100% Jute, a natural plant product.

These yarns may be packaged as spool size 10” travers, 14” diameter, and 1” spool bore. (10”x14”x1”)

Each spool weighs 18 kg. 72 spools stacked on a pallet, weighing 1300 kg.

10 pallets per 20’ ocean container, weighing 13 Metric Tons, or 20 pallets = 26 Metric Tons per 40’ container.

Please contact us with your requested specifications.

CRT Jute Yarn

Jute Around the Globe

  • Protection of slopes in road and railway embankment
  • Bridge approaches
  • Terraces in hilly terrains
  • Stabilization of sand dunes
  • Promotion of quick vegetation in areas denuded by natural disasters and normal erosion
  • Stabilization of waste-dumps
  • Golf course construction and maintenance
  • Embankments and slopes
  • Civic beautification
  • Landfills
  • Highway construction
  • Landscape improvement
  • Sod stabilization
  • Lakes and stream banks
  • Mining reclamation
  • Nurseries
  • Military bases
  • Industrial and commercial development
  • Farm and agricultural
  • Ski slopes
  • Beach and sand dune stabilization
  • Pipeline construction
  • Wetland reclamation
  • Drainage ditches